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Real-time feedback solutions


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Real time feedback apps solving for communication and service break downs across industries.

For the initial phase, Table Mate has been developed specifically for the restaurant sector, with the intention of expanding into government, financial institutions, and other service based industries.

The solution has been formalized into a business, operating as Tablemate(Pty)Ltd, registered in Botswana.

The software is proudly developed by Batswana inhouse and allows for feature enhancements as may deemed necessary by the market.


Phase Outlook

Project forecasting; where we've come from and where we're headed.


Our Journey

Expand Buttton


Coming Soon

Expand Buttton


Where We're Headed

Expand Buttton


Our Journey


Over the years, we have poured our efforts into the product's development across Windows, iOS and Android platforms

We have ran trials and dry-runs at restaurants across Gaborone soliciting and further proving both interest and demand from the market. If this intrigues you, reach out and let's connect.

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Jessy's Bistro

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StayWell Hotels


Coming Soon


We're steadily working towards launching and simply wrapping up a few things before we're good to go:

  • Final Touches on Product & Design 
  • Consolidated Product Testing
  • Data Integrity & Security Evaluation
  • Infrastructure; Stability & Capability


Where We're Heading


Table Mate is dedicated to helping service providers enhance customer experiences by providing end to end interactive mobile technology solutions. 

To be the internationally acclaimed digital feedback service providing enjoyable experiences for all.

Support Us


Adopting a phased approach, we are at the start of our startup development and as such are open and grateful for any support offered as we work towards launching and future expansion.

(Eg. monetary donations, provision of company facilities, services or time.)

Development - Support Us


(Concept & Execution)


Seed Capital


Optimization Support Us

Series A


Building Support Us

Series B



Series C



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